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At Seminar Partners, our CPD courses are designed to help every lawyer succeed in their practice, and keep up to date with changing standards, practices and educational requirements in the legal field. We are an Accredited Provider of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Ontario, and a pre-approved CPD Provider of the Law Society of British Columbia. Our programs are worth more than just CPD credit – we are committed to helping lawyers fulfill their continuing professional development needs with content and presenters that are entertaining and practical, as well as educational. We’ve delivered over 53,000 continuing professional development hours to more than 13,000 lawyers. 98% of our attendees would refer colleagues to our programs. Here is what past participants said about their Seminar Partners’ learning experience.

Over 53,000 continuing professional development hours delivered.

Seminar Partners offers continuing legal education and CPD courses for Canadian attorneys

You said it! Praise from Past Attendees

Very useful seminar, even for a non-accounting savvy person! Good slides, easy to understand presentation. Shows what a big difference a good teacher can make.

Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation for Lawyers

Videos illustrated concepts taught very well. One of the very best CPD seminars I have ever attended. I wish more presenters were as engaging.

Gain the Edge! Negotiation Strategies for Transactional Lawyers

Excellent program, content rich and very well presented by a presenter with solid credentials, plus a very welcoming front desk. Simply one of the best sessions I've attended.

Detecting Deception in Witness Interviews and Statements

Excellent program. My satisfaction level was “through the roof” – a great presentation by a great lawyer and teacher! I will watch for future programs!

Presenting and Challenging Experts at Trial

I was very impressed with the program. Using the computer in my office was a very enjoyable way to participate. I appreciated the delivery of the written materials ahead of time. I was able to follow along well, make notes and access the internet as necessary.  Will take more courses with Seminar Partners.

Discovery Strategy and Techniques

Charles Fox is an extremely engaging presenter with a fantastically practical approach. This is one of the best seminars I have attended. Really like the Seminar Partners format. Audio/video quality was great via webcast. Nice to have the chat/question option. Will definitely watch for more.

Contract Drafting for Experienced Lawyers

Engaging from beginning to end. Molly was excellent and truly exemplified the content she was talking about. She provided many practical tips that I can implement in my practice.

Public Speaking and Oral Advocacy: How to do it Well

I appreciated the "teaching" philosophy in forming the program, the skill of the presenters, their sharing of experience (including what went wrong!) and how entertaining it was! Probably the best/most useful program I've attended in my legal career. Highly recommend!

Advanced Cross-Examination Techniques

Wonderful! The improvement in my and everyone else’s presentation was very noticeable. I would attend this program again. Six hours wasn’t enough!

The Powerful Performance: Introduction to Acting Skills for Lawyers

Knowledgeable and very interactive presenter, I found useful nuggets in each section. Very glad I attended. Loved getting the book!

Legal Writing in the Smartphone Age

Liked how the instructor linked his speaking points with real life situations. Great CPD value. The software used for presentation over the web was great, and I especially liked being given the choice switching between different sizes of windows.

Investigations Workshop: The Fundamentals of Effective Fact-Finding

Really great – practical, engaging, knowledgeable presenter, good seminar length, and stayed on time. Enjoyed the examples and exercises – very illustrative of the lessons.

Writing and Editing for Clarity and Impact

Very good program I can apply to practice. Highly engaging speaker, interesting and well-organized subject matter. Very powerful to hear real life examples.

Detecting Deception in Witness Interviews and Statements

Wonderful presentation – you practice what you preach! Outstanding speaker and content. Thank you.

The Woman Advocate: Persuasion Skills for Women Lawyers

One person, one topic, not rushed. Really made an impact and conveyed thought-provoking "teachable moments." More like this please.

Integrity: Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House

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